Vespa T5 Classic


The T5 was produced between 1985 and 1990. though the engine was an option for the standard PX125 as the “T5 Classic” right up to 1998. These were for export only and mostly sold in the UK, while a final disc braked version (the T5 Millennium) was exclusive to the UK in 1999. The original T5 was produced in red, white, black, blue and metallic grey. Though there are slight discrepancies in the quoted production figures it is believed that about 36000 were produced plus around 5000 electric start versions.

The T5 has always had a minor cult following. This is possibly due to its production coinciding with the peak years of the scooterboy scene-this model becoming something of a scootering symbol that owed nothing to the original mod or mod revival scenes. In truth there is no real overall performance gain to be had over a P200 of the same era, yet this is a 125, and some prefer the T5’s peakier engine characteristics and appreciate the various different features.

Whatever, the T5 now has an established place in Vespa history, and many regret the fact that Piaggio never produced a 200cc version.